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Spiral's Mission

Spiral is a Heavy Roleplay Free Company that focuses on darker, grittier storytelling with the goal of building a relaxed creative community. We deliver events catering to Character Development, In-Character Consequences, and Emotional Depth. Out of character, we're a group of chill and friendly individuals, and happily invite others to join in on the fun and excitement; whether it be in or out of character.

A Sanctuary for the Weary...

The "Owl House" is the name of Spiral's home base, and acts as the guise Spiral wears for the public, to protect and fund their secret missions.The Owl House is built as a center of roleplay, containing a Sparring room for duels, a Balcony for stargazing and aetheric studies, a Library, Sento, Smoking Lounge, Game Room... and much more.
As a part of Spiral's public façade, The Owl House hosts public events to share with the whole community, putting on Musical Showcases and Open Karaoke Nights, paired with curated seasonal menus and a wide selection of drinks. We also provide a sanctuary for Adventurers of all kinds that runs day and night, and we welcome all guests.

Come visit us at Shirogane, Ward 11 Plot 31



"Hardship and our world’s wretched underbelly await those who join this cause."

Behind The Mask: Spiral's Mission, and The Mysterious Benefactor

"You cannot do this alone. We cannot do this alone."

In Character:

Spiral is a secret organization that operates within the Owl House. It is united under one common cause: to dismantle evil enterprises that plague Eorzea surreptitiously. Whether it be warmongers awaiting opportunity or slavers exploiting the forgotten, Spiral members seek to thwart those who cause harm to the innocent. They are no paragons of convenient virtue bound by platitudes. Spiral members understand the law is oft a tool of the corrupt and wicked, and they will cross moral boundaries to see their foes defeated.Spiral's main enemy is a slaver organization that goes by Echion. A lethal and infamous group that works underground, they remain subtle enough to fly under the radar of Grand Companies, but wield enough power to have hands in all corners of the star.Before Spiral's founding, its first members received letters from a mysterious figure named "Hiroya". He wrote as one privy to many secrets, and seemed to know much about the lives and actions of those that received his letter. He encouraged the recipients to find one another and band together, and see them oppose their accursed, quiet oppressors.Little is known about Hiroya save his ostensible pseudonym, and his own motives are likewise an enigma. He has pledged his support to Spiral; with his vast knowledge and wealth at Spiral's disposal, he could be an important asset for furthering Spiral's ultimate goal: ending Echion's slavery for good. A mammoth task, akin to a fantasy.Betting on faith, they could not squander such an opportunity.

Screenshot by Mar Moreno

Out Of Character:

Spiral missions are HEAVY private roleplay events for Free Company members centered around a darker character-driven narrative that tests morale and resolve. Its members face the consequences of every failure, and savor each victory. Nothing is assured in Spiral's line of work.Assumptions are challenged in the living, complicated world Spiral grapples with. The characters they meet are provided depth, and a sense of groundedness; the world does not revolve around Spiral, and wantonly entering the lives of others can have serious repercussions.Tough decisions are constantly made during missions, and the reverberations of each are often felt long after.

Main events utilize a custom-made Skill System, meshing common tabletop concepts with the straightforward setting of MMORPG's to make for an exciting experience that represents in-character abilities. The system curates character sheets to ensure quality and fairness, and aims for it to be a method of conceptualizing one's character first and rolling dice second. Spiral avoids power-gaming, and encourages players to create the character they want, not one the game demands.

(Note: Spiral is an in-character organization that operates separately from their public mask, the Owl House.Only official Spiral FC letters and requests, oft drafted by Hiroya, will be recognized by Spiral members, and metagaming Spiral's existence will not be accepted in-character without approval or communication.)

"A home for the weary; to stop and breathe amid your odyssey."

Shirogane, Ward 11 Plot 31

Tucked Away, Warm and Safe

The Owl House was founded by two adventurers, Kirei Meztli and Barrett Banner, who understand the tolls of life.Those who visit will find the staff have open ears and minds, and a passion to aid others. The Owl House infirmary and beds operate under a simple rule: No questions asked. Those in need will receive treatment, and are welcome to rest as long as they need.The bar and kitchen boast quality menus to sate and soothe, with a stage to entertain with cabarets open to the general public.

Peruse Beyond the Surface, and Explore

Within the Owl House are The Back Rooms, containing well over a dozen specialized venues for visitors and residents to enjoy at their leisure.Visitors can set their minds on the extensive selection of The Library to discover new knowledge, let daydreams wander as they gaze peacefully from The Balcony, or soak away aches and converse among friends in the Sento.Highly diverse and of impeccable quality, The Owl House's Back Rooms are a point of pride to our dedicated employees who labour to keep them ready for your stay.

The Owl House is open to all who need more than mere shelter. Come and rest awhile as you reflect, and lean upon the steady shoulders of those who have been there before. Take a deep breath, and regain your strength before you face the world.And remember to Spiral Ever Upward.

Main House

The Back Hallways


The Owl House
(Mateus Roleplay Event)
When: TBA
Where: Shirogane Ward 11, Plot 31
Come and join us for a fun and relaxing time at the Owl House!! Including our bright and inviting bar and restaurant, we offer many different kinds of amenities to our guests. Including, but not limited to…
Our Sento, following traditional Eastern Customs...
Our Library, where guests are free to check out and purchase rare tomes for their collections...
Our Tea Garden, where we serve the highest quality blends and brews…
And much, much more! See you all soon!

Owl House Etiquette and Public Guidelines

- ERP (Erotic Roleplay) is absolutely not allowed in Owl House public RP spaces. This includes all private rooms.- Combat is not allowed in the main house during public events.- You will be asked to leave if you harass any staff or patrons of the Owl House, or if you violate any of the rules and guidelines.- If you are ever in an uncomfortable situation during a public event, please contact a Owl House FC member immediately for protection and support.

(NOTE:) - Spiral is an in-character organization that operates separately from the Owl House. Metagaming Spiral's existence will not be accepted without approval or communication.


Kirei Meztli

Positions: Proprietress, Owl House Chef, Head Hostess, Performer, Tarot ReaderKind-hearted and empathetic, Kirei is eager to hear the stories of guests that come and go from the Owl House. Her gentle nature aids well when getting to know patrons, and she genuinely cares for all souls she meets along her path. She's very happy to give tarot readings to any who ask, all the while providing council, advice, and encouragement to Owl House guests and staff.

Barrett Banner

Positions: Proprietor, Physical Trainer, Head of Security, Bartender, PerformerStern, diligent, passionate, and analytical. Barrett is a force to be reckoned with as a swordsman and physical specimen; he protects The Owl House's occupants from any dangers that might follow them back from adventures. Additionally, he aids the recovery of those with serious wounds. His aim is to return patients to fighting shape with progressive training regimen, along with massage and stretching techniques.


Position: Technician, Performer, SecurityGearhead. Problem solver. Give her five, and she'll probably have a cure for what ails you—or at least an idea of where to find one. Technically oriented by nature and generally easygoing, Rika offers both professional training and a wealth of hands-on experience. Whether it's mending equipment, lending an open ear, or helping safeguard guests of the Owl House from harm, she is a dependable companion to those in need.

Karuis Leroux

Positions: Bartender, Alchemist, Performer, Server.This, that, and a bit of everything, Karuis is a compassionate, easy going, and driven Seeker who does their best to fill in whatever rolls are needed by both their fellow staff members and the patrons of The Owl House. Typically this involves mixing drinks, brewing potions, serving tables, commanding the stage, assisting in healing the weary guest, and whatever else may be asked of them in aiding all within the Owl House.

Syndria Grosvenor

Positions: Logistics Coordinator, BartenderWarm in tone and kindly in manner, Syndria would seem like the consummate servant for a house like the Owl's. No matter how wild the order or crazy the drink, it would be prepared with speed and a smile. While not the most talkative, she is ever and more eager to hear and listen to her patrons. 'Ware thee well, as 'tis oft that one requireth a diabolical tome to comprehend her musings; a fell archive of ancient evils that madmen dare only to whisper: a 'Dictionary'. She otherwise sees to ensuring every shelf, cupboard, nook, cranny and crate in the whole house is always fully-stocked with the best products the star has to offer; whether medicinal, alcoholic, or something else entirely.

Kih'a Mhakaracca

Positions: Housekeeping Attendant, Errand Boy, ServerA chatty little busybody at the beck and call of anyone who needs a helping hand. Kih’a might not have brains or brawn or even bravery, but he’s got something - no, not the dinner rolls falling out of his pockets. Alright, he has those too and he’ll definitely share them with you because he wants nothing more than to make folks at the Owl House feel welcome and thought of. And maybe also have a piece of whatever you’re eating when he’s done making the beds.

Fenzi Lhufali

Positions: Groundskeeper, Tea SpecialistTea mage, plant whisperer, and wearer of many hats (only the Twelve know how many hats this Keeper has at her disposal), Fenzi is a bright and bubbly soul. She's more than happy to answer any horticultural question a guest may have. Though, if the outdoors isn't your cup of tea and you seek a brew or two, this Keeper would be elated to prepare for you a nice cup of leaf water.

Huabian Xu

Positions: Server, Accountant, Walking-Talking-Stain-RemoverHuabian was raised into many talents, but taking up space was not one of them. He's a generally relaxed and amicable man, who knows a great deal of facts about nigh anything you might want to ask him about. Or even if you don't ask, if he assumes it's okay to be talking right now. Despite being inept at socializing, he enjoys large groups of people, and is eager to welcome guests of all walks into the establishment.

Kazuo Ikaragi

Positions: Server, Bartender, Security, Swag SpecialistRowdy, excitable and bursting with confidence. He'll often go out of his way to make sure the reclusive types are enjoying themselves, though respectfully knowing when his boisterous demeanor might be too much to handle. Kazuo lives for the thrill, whether it be toppling large beasts or indulging in far too many drinks with some friends. You'd be hard-pressed to experience a dull moment around him.

Shizuko Ikaragi

Positions: Cook, Potential Hostess, EngineerA soft-spoken and polite Hyur with a knack for anything related to engineering. While she may be lacking confidence in herself, it's been noted that despite her shyness she's been trying to help those staying at the Owl House whenever she can. When she isn't drowning in her own nervousness, she is usually hidden away with a book or tediously tinkering with her next gadget.


Spiral uses a D-20 roll system created with easy use and versatility in mind, capable of tailoring to all kinds of talents and skillsets; and players with different levels of tabletop RPG experience.

The character sheet creation process can be simplified to four easy steps.Step One: Choose your background.
Your background is important! It determines the amount of skill points you’ll get to spend on developing your character’s skillset, as well as any bonuses you might acquire.
Step Two: Choose your skills.
Your skills are where your character stands apart from everyone else. They represent a character's proficiencies both in and out of combat. There are three combat skill trees to choose from: Might, Finesse, and Mind. At creation, assign each tree a priority (A, B, and C) in order of their importance to your character's skillset, with A being the most important and C being the least. These priorities and your background determine how many skill points you can spend in each tree.
You also gain points to spend seperately in non-combat skills. The amount of points you recieve are determined by your background, and any potential flaws you take.
Step Three: Choose your limit break.
Go beyond! Plus Ultra! In our system, everyone has their choice of a single limit break, which they build up to in combat over the course of an event. Each limit break has two different effects, or options (A, B), that can be used upon activation. Note that only one may be activated at one time.
Step Four: Choose flaws (Optional).
The last stage of Spiral's character skill sheet creation is the selection of up to two flaws. Flaws offer options for reflecting weaknesses, in exchange for extra skill points or select bonuses.

Example Spiral Character Sheet

Spiral's roll system, Reference Link, and Visual aid were created by Rika Iryut.


Recruitment: OPEN

DISCLAIMER, PLEASE READ BEFORE SUBMITTING AN APPLICATION.The Spiral FC's main mission stories contain dark themes and elements some might not be comfortable with. That includes: TRUE consequences of war (suffering, loss, depression, NPC death, ect), poverty, hardship, children in danger, not winning every battle, ect. In some cases more extreme themes like torture are brushed upon. While we are extremely diligent on making sure our stories never cross any lines, we DO have darker themes due to the nature of the stories we wish to tell.
(We will NEVER emote or describe sexual abuse, or extreme descriptions of gore. Our goal is to use dark themes to give our stories weight, never for shock value, or to make our members uncomfortable).
We ask that all potential applicants understand that Spiral leans toward darker themes before they submit an application.

Out of Character: We are searching for roleplayers who find enjoyment writing elaborate stories wherein they see their characters develop, learn, and grow from events and interactions. It's a huge plus if you enjoy hanging out OOC and running in-game content, as we do so constantly!If your application is accepted, you will be contacted via Discord to discuss how your character will be recruited to Spiral.
In Character: For Spiral recruitment, your character will be scouted and interviewed by a Spiral Officer. Information listed in your submitted application will be used in creating content for your character's interview, setting the tone of RP, and substantiating your character's cause for joining Spiral. You will be contacted after your application is reviewed to set a date, time, and setting for the interview.

Spiral Contact Information:

In Game:
Kirei Meztli (Mateus)
Barrett Banner (Mateus)

Please contact us if you have any questions about your application, or about the Spiral Free Company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How does Spiral categorize their Roleplay?Spiral is a HEAVY Roleplay Free Company. Our members tend to post 1-2 paragraphs at average for emotes. While OOC (Out Of Character) Spiral is a chill group of individuals; we take our RP, writing, characters, and stories seriously. If you're looking for a casual approach to RP for your Free Company, Spiral will not be a good fit for you.
(With that said, Spiral Members will not face consequences for missing out occasionally on a Main RP event. We understand OOC matters always come first.)
------------------------------ ❀ ------------------------------2. How does Spiral characterize its RP tone as Dark?Categorically, Spiral's RP is "Dark" due to its grounded views on human nature and conflict. It's not that Spiral tends toward gratuitous violence, or sadistically indulges in human suffering. Instead, it does not pull punches when making statements about the consequences of war, poverty, illness, malice, et cetera. We aim to tell mature stories, but will not add over-the-top dark themes just for 'maturity's sake'.With this in mind, Spiral strives to balance its tone, as life itself is not all one way: where one place is dark, another may be light. People can be good of heart and nature too, and you'll find plenty of folk who restore one's faith in common good in Spiral's world: it’s realistic in its narrative and emotional sense, while still being seated in a high fantasy setting.Expect to be challenged by what you see, but player characters are not expected to suffer undue trauma, or break down mentally. We're here to explore themes, not impose them on you.Note: Spiral deals with children in danger as one of the main narrative points for our dark stories. We understand this can be a sensitive subject for some, and feel the need to clarify the minor characters in our stories will NEVER be put in 'inappropriate' situations. On extremely rare occasion they will be in dangerous settings and situations; but these rare occurrences will never be described in grossly gratuitous language or framing. We tackle the topic similarly to how Shounen stories handle their young protagonists, and do not shy away from their struggles, or their points of joy and happiness. Their characters are used as points of hope, strength, and perseverance for the FC narrative.------------------------------ ❀ ------------------------------3. Does Spiral accept new players to FFXIV? I just started the game!Yes.We all know the pain of starting a new MMORPG, and FFXIV is special to us; we want to encourage new players to join this phenomenon and be a part of it! We are always willing to run content and help players through Main Story Quests, Dungeons, et cetera.All levels and experience with FFXIV are welcome to submit an application to Spiral. We only ask that you apply with the intention of sticking around FFXIV for more than a month or two.------------------------------ ❀ ------------------------------4. Are the 'Owl House' and 'Spiral' separate FC's?No.Due to the nature of Spiral Missions, Spiral endeavors to remain a secret organization out of the public eye (in character). The Owl House is Spiral's public 'front'; for safety, and for extra funding for their missions.------------------------------ ❀ ------------------------------5. How often do you have events?We have our Spiral Main Story Mission weekly on Saturdays (7:00 Eastern Time), and our Owl House Public Events monthly on Sunday (6:00 Eastern Time). Our Main events tend to be around 4-5 hours at average. Random RP happens at the FC house every week as well, and all members are encouraged to join in ongoing RP scenes at the Owl House.------------------------------ ❀ ------------------------------6. Is Spiral strict about following lore?Yes and no.Spiral believes first and foremost, RP is a fun hobby. We insist that as long as a character concept is well-executed, and the writer is having fun OOC, some conflicts with lore can be waived or explained away. With that said, we have to balance the individual creativity of a writer with our own FC’s narrative continuity, tone, and direction. In addition, we have the storylines of ~20 characters to consider while we try to keep our community in harmony. If a character concept brings up too many questions of logic and cohesion that are distracting, and ends up taking away from RP instead of adding to it, your character won’t fit in Spiral.Extreme concepts that outright violate basic conventions of lore and FFXIV RP norms (Rogue Ascians, Padjals, the Warrior of Light/Darkness from the MSQ, ect), are prime examples of what we tend to reject almost immediately. We endeavor to be open minded, and want to have a wide cast of interesting characters, but we also have to safeguard the contributions of our members and prevent their overshadowing.With that said, you can always still submit an application and see where it goes! There is no harm in trying, and you can always reach out to Kirei or Barrett for feedback (Discord ID’s are listed on the carrd’s application page).------------------------------ ❀ ------------------------------7. Can I write a character tailored to your FC? I want to make sure they fit with the tone!While we really appreciate this degree of interest, we typically discourage players from making characters solely from the mindset of “fitting Spiral”. That puts the FC first, and your character second, when we want players to think far differently.Your character will fit in Spiral if they’re well thought-out in their concept and execution, so long as they have the ability to fit in a more severe tone of roleplay ( Ex: Familiarity with darker themes, a background in combat, existential questioning, strong motives like justice-seeking, etc).With that said, Spiral is an FC that tries to foster all kinds of RP. Our Main Story Missions tend to lean towards Darker RP, wherein Owl House RP takes on a more Slice-of-Life style, a break away from the harsh reality of missions. The balance of narrative themes are important to us.If Spiral has inspired you to write a new character, then we do not wish to stymie your creativity. But we will take notice if that same character would struggle outside of Spiral, and we want them to be able to exist and be fun to play despite whatever direction Spiral takes.------------------------------ ❀ ------------------------------8. I'm completely new to RP and want to try it out. Can I still submit an application?Of course. If anything, we love having new RPers come to Spiral! We were all new to the scene at some point, and we take pride in being a positive first experience in someone’s RP. In addition, we are more than happy to teach newcomers about RP, FFXIV, writing, et cetera.We ask that you have a solid grasp of grammar and spelling, and story narrative structure, and overall understanding of how online communities function.

Meals and Snacks


⭒Moogle’s Pom Souffle Pancakes⭒

An Owl House Specialty; three jiggly pancakes stacked high. with Whipped butter and Maple Syrup. These pancakes are just as fluffy as a Moogle's Pom!Topping Choices:
Rolanberry Jam, Blueberry Jam, Maple Syrup, Butter, Whipped Cream, Fresh Fruit

⭒Pâtisserie Plate⭒

A variety of buttery Mini Puff Pastries, flaky and delicate. Pain au Chocolat, Blueberry Danish, and a Rolanberry Cream-Cheese Tart.

⭒Crab Omelette⭒

Fresh Crabmeat is delicately rolled into a soft egg omelette with roasted asparagus, served with Buttered Toast. Topped with creamy and flavorful Hollandaise Sauce.


⭒Steppe Buuz⭒

Traditional steamed Buuz straight from the Steppe.One order of Buuz = One steamed basket with six Buuz.

⭒Mandragora Bruschetta⭒

Slices of Baguette covered in diced tomatoes, basil, garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and basil; topped with cheese and broiled.(Vegan if Requested)

⭒Hanetsuki Gyoza⭒

‘Gyoza with Wings’, Special potstickers that produce a crispy lattice coating upon grilling. Comes with vinegar soy sauce dip.

⭒Mushroom Tart with Caramelized Onion⭒

Buttery tart crust filled with pan roasted mushrooms and savory custard, topped with caramelized onions.(Vegan if requested.)


⭒Dzo Steak⭒

Grilled to perfection, we take a marbled Dzo steak and baste in herb butter as it forms a seared crust. Served with fried popoto strings and a side of roasted vegetables.

⭒Thavnairian Curry Pasta⭒

A blend of Thavnairian and Othardian culture, Udon noodles come served in a thick yellow curry, covered in popoto cream and roasted in the oven.

⭒Dodo Pot Pie⭒

Dodo and root vegetables are cooked with creamy gravy, baked in a delicate puff pastry shell.

⭒Kiryu Burger⭒

Fatty Dzo patties pressed and grilled to perfection between buttered toasted buns and crispy Bacon, along with plenty of melted cheese. Comes with a side of herb seasoned fries.


⭒Seven Hells Chocolate Layer Cake⭒

Seven layers of dark chocolate cake, ganache, and chocolate shavings. So decadent and rich, it's sinful!

⭒Hingan Ice Cream Cookie Parfait⭒

Popular in the streets Hingashi; Butter cookie crumble, layered with whipped cream, frozen custard, fresh fruit, and jam.Flavor Options:
Rolanberry, Blueberry, Kiwi, Mango, Macha, Mochi, Chocolate

⭒Ishgardian Fruit Tart⭒

A single serving mini tart, topped with creamy custard, and a medley of fresh fruit.(Vegan if requested)

⭒Creme Brulee⭒

A steamed custard coated in a crispy, crunchy, burnt sugar coating. Crack with a spoon for ultimate satisfaction.


❀Mixed Drinks❀

⭒Ifrit's / Leviathan's Demimateria⭒

An unassuming drink with a glistering gemstone within! Old Astrographer Gin mixed with freshly-juiced lime, and chilled by a sphere of ice. Whether you're thrall to the Lord of the Whorl or the Lord of the Inferno will grace you with a biting bitter or fiery tart once you spiritbond to this drink.


To spare the sands, the seas, the skies, I offer thee this silent sacrifice. A fruity beverage of pomegranate liquer and raspberry schnapps, its not one to punch you in the face. Gentle juices ease you down, that you may find a measure of peace at the bottom of the glass.

⭒Gelmorran Graverobber⭒

Someone call the Necromancer, we've got another dead one! A blend of no less than six spirits finished with a mix of Dryad's Tears and Highwind Stout, this drink is bound to knock you into an early grave. But don't worry, we have a team of dedicated voidmages to get you back on your feet.


Ooh, how sweetly the devils whisper in your ear! A delectable treat of blood orange liqueur, rum and raspberry schnapps topped with grenadine and cranberry. After a glass or two of this sanguine sin, you'll be prepared for any otherworldly deals.

⭒Rime of the Ancient Mariner⭒

What do we do with a drunken sailor? Give him another glass, obviously! A spin on a classic shipboard beverage, served as cold as Coerthas. We are not responsible for slurred shanties piercing the night's calm.

⭒The Archbishop⭒

A deep crimson libation said to be a favorite of Thordan Himself. Made only with Ishgardian wine and rum, it is a delightful little drink that undoubtedly will bring you closer to Halone.


The baleful eikon returns, with a vengeance! A fiery improvement to an old classic, as Heartwood Whiskey and bitters are mixed with a spiced syrup, made fresh each morning to ensure it kicks.


A little something to warm the heart and soul. Better in autumn or the dead of winter, but delightful year-round, this sweet and spicy warmed cider will rekindle fond memories of home and hearth. A crown of heavy cream ensures none walk away without a white moustache.

⭒Sytrus Tower⭒

The wisdom of Ancient Allag, all in a glass! This herbal, piney cocktail carries a bearing fit for any lord, or even a scholar too busy plumbing mouldering tomes about long-dead empires. A touch of mint and orange give it a cool, pleasant zing.

⭒Sokeo Sunset⭒

Need a moment of peace? This drink is for you. An almond foam layered on a whiskey and rosemary orange concoction; Intricate yet straightforward. A mix with subtle flavors, yet has a strong punch. The presentation and taste will invoke feelings of the Hingashi sunset.

⭒Cyrus' Levin⭒

If you're craving a unique shock to get you going, this mix of Anchan Tea with infused gin, Lillet blanc, violet syrup, and lemon juice will give you a much needed zing when you're low on energy. Topped with a mini cloud of Cotton Candy.

⭒Mar's Shadow⭒

Sometimes the dark feels like a warm embrace... This mysterious drink features s'mores flavors with real dark chocolate, and marshmallow fluff infused with vodka. Graham cracker crumble coats the rim, and a roasted 'Mar-mallow' completes this sweet treat.



DRINKING GAME: Just how far can you climb? More a game than a drink, so mind your liver! Shots of Hellbound Hannya are offered, with the goal being to see how many empty glasses you can stack on each other before knocking it over.(( Starting after your second shot, make a /random roll. Roll above 200 to successfully stack the first two glasses, and add 100 to the target goal after every shot you drink and stack. (Ex: 200 to stack the first two, 300 to stack three, ect.) To complete the challenge you must stack six glasses in total, and roll over a 750 to stack the last, and sixth wobbly shot glass.
Failing to meet the target roll will result in your stacked tower crashing down! ))

⭒Carteneau Party-Crasher⭒

Here's to another lost half-decade! This hellishly-potent concoction has its roots in absinthe, but she snaps like the angriest dragon. Consumer discretion is advised. Best for those who don't want to remember the night. Or tomorrow. Or the rest of the week. Maybe even the month.(Optional: Roll a /random. 499 and below means the character who consumed this drink will be -very- drunk for the rest of the day, no matter the tolerance level they have. 500 and above means you feel no harshly drunken effects!)

❀From the Tap and Bottle❀


⭒1000 Espinas Gold and Silver⭒⭒Mistbeard's Curse Spiced and White Rum⭒⭒Castrum-1 Vodka⭒⭒Hellsfire Cinnamon Whiskey⭒⭒Heartwood Twelveswood Whiskey⭒⭒Smilin' Jack Vylbrand Bourbon⭒⭒Old Astrographer Sharlayan Gin⭒⭒Pom-friend's Pleasures Sweet
⭒Greystone's Finest Dry Vermouth⭒


⭒Grinning Goldtooth Thanalan Porter⭒⭒Lord Highwind Ishgardian Stout⭒⭒Choco Chaser Chocolate Stout⭒⭒EINHANDR Garlean Eisbock⭒⭒ZVEIHANDR Garlean Doppelbock⭒⭒Bleary Bastard Limsan Ale⭒⭒Rhalgr's Rock Mhigan Pale Ale⭒⭒Dryad's Tears Amber Lager⭒

⭒Red Wines ⭒

⭒Ishgardian Cabernet Sauvignon⭒⭒Vylbrand Syrah Coerthan Merlot⭒⭒Thavnairian Zinfadel⭒⭒Gridanian Pinot Noir⭒


⭒Snowy Princess Nigori-zake⭒⭒Shisui Sweetie Junmai Nama sake⭒⭒Hellbound Hannya Genshu-akai sake⭒

⭒Ciders ⭒

⭒Summer in the Shade Gridanian Cider⭒⭒Wavebreaker Berry Cider⭒

⭒White Wines⭒

⭒Thavnairian Riesling⭒⭒Dravanian Pinot Gris⭒⭒Gridanian Sauvignon Blanc⭒⭒Ishgardian Chardonnay⭒⭒Limsan Moscato⭒

Alcoholic Drink Menu created by Syndria Grosvenor



Our tea is brewed with the highest quality leaves, each pot of tea is made with love. Comes with cream and sugar. Even if the tea you're looking for isn't listed below, there's a high chance we still have it!Flavors:
⭒Earl Grey⭒
⭒Mixed Berry⭒


The finest beans are roasted and ground to make our coffee. Comes with cream and sugar.Flavors:
⭒Salted Caramel⭒
⭒Snow (Slushie)⭒


Chewy Tapioca Drinks popular in Hingashi and Othard; Comes in Iced or Snow variations.Flavors:
⭒Milk Tea⭒
(Rolanberry, Blueberry, Mango, Peach, Apple, Lychee)
⭒Brown Sugar⭒